The Manticore Project

Manticore is a high-level parallel programming language aimed at general-purpose applications running on multi-core processors. Manticore supports parallelism at multiple levels: explicit concurrency and coarse-grain parallelism via CML-style constructs and fine-grain parallelism via various light-weight notations, such as parallel tuple expressions and NESL/Nepal-style parallel array comprehensions.



The Manticore project is supported, in part, by National Science Foundation grants CCF-0811389/0811419 (Implementation Techniques for High-level Parallel Languages) and CNS-1065002/1065099 (Extending Declarative Parallel Programming with State and Nondeterminism). Additional computing resources are provided by Intel's Manycore Testing Lab.


The Manticore project is a joint project between researchers at the University of Chicago and Rochester Institute of Technology. The following people are actively involved:

Past participants and friends include:
  • Vitor Rodrigues (Rochester Institute of Technology)
  • Sven Auhagen (University of Chicago)
  • Carsen Berger (University of Chicago)
  • Chelsea Bingiel (University of Chicago)
  • Patrick Collins (University of Chicago)
  • Nic Ford (University of Chicago)
  • Korie Klein (University of Chicago)
  • Joshua Knox (University of Chicago)
  • Jordan Lewis (University of Chicago)
  • Jon Riehl (University of Chicago)
  • Stephen Rosen (University of Chicago)
  • Nora Sandler (University of Chicago)
  • Ridg Scott (University of Chicago)
  • Adam Shaw (University of Chicago)
  • Damon Wang (University of Chicago)
  • Yingqi Xiao (University of Chicago)


These papers are in chronological order of appearance (most recent first).