Manticore Installation

Manticore currently only supports the x86-64 (a.k.a. AMD64) architecture running on either Linux or Mac OS X.

Manticore is implemented in a mix of C and SML code. You will need a recent version of SML/NJ (version 110.81) installed. Furthermore, your installation should include the MLRISC library. Note that SML/NJ 110.82's version of MLRISC is currently incompatible with our build system.

Downloading the Source Code

Our GitHub mirror contains the latest stable release:
git clone
If you would like to explore other branches of the compiler, clone from the main repository instead:
git clone
Then, to begin building, initialize the configuration script with the following commands while in the root of the cloned repository:
autoheader -Iconfig
autoconf -Iconfig

Building and Installing the Distribution

Now, run the configure script.
This command links the compiler against the MLRISC libraries provided with the SML/NJ installation. See the file if you would like to build against a custom MLRISC library. To build the compiler, use the following command.
make build
Then, we can install locally
make local-install
or globally.
make install
If installing locally, you will find the compiler under

Running the Regression Tests

There are both sequential and parallel regression tests. To ensure your build is working correctly, run the following:
cd src/regression-tests
None of the tests should report fail. If they do, or you discover some other bug in the compiler, please open a new issue on GitHub.