Manticore Installation

Manticore currently only supports the x86-64 (a.k.a. AMD64) architecture running on either Linux or Mac OS X.

Manticore is implemented in a mix of C and SML code. You will need a recent version of SML/NJ (version 110.68+) installed. Furthermore, your installation should include the MLRISC library.

Enlisting and Building from SVN

Create a local enlistment from our current active development trunk with the following command:
svn co
If you do not have an account on the server, use a username of anonsvn, with the same password:
svn co --username anonsvn
Then, you will need to initialize the configuration script with the following two commands:
autoheader -Iconfig
autoconf -Iconfig

Building and Installing the Distribution

Now, run the configure script.
This command links the compiler against the MLRISC libraries provided with the SML/NJ installation. Alternatively, we can build against external MLRISC libraries.
./configure --with-mlrisc=
To build the compiler, we use the following command.
make build
We can install locally
make local-install
or globally.
make install

Running the Regression Tests

There are both sequential and parallel regression tests.
cd src/regression-tests
None of the tests should report fail.